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Dear all friends and colleagues

Have you ever imagined doing many things easier than you ’ve ever done…? (This could be a difficult to understand-question if u don’t read the following. Let me make it simple and gimme your eyes).

I asked many students and friends about why we should study and understand english as well. A part of them answered because English is the the international language. Others said because English are the most common language used in text book in every discipline. Many different answers were also proposed. None was wrong. But I prefer to say that the most acceptable answer is “BECAUSE, NOWADAYS, ENGLISH IS THE LANGUAGE OF CIVILIZATION” (Karena saat ini, bahasa inggris adalah bahasa peradaban). When you use a computer, you will realize that english is absolutely needed to understand in using and troubleshooting it. When you buy a new TV, hand phone, etc., you will find that their manuals are in English. College materials are easily available in English rather than any other languages. (I don’t think that I need to give you more examples about this). We all really realize that understanding English is the prerequisite for many things and allows us to do more and more, not only for personal use, but also for many others secondary use (sometimes also for commercial purposes… 🙂

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I m really interested to tell my friends about why I used to be familiar with English. I told it to 1st year student sometimes and even to their senior that they can do many things much more with English. Have you ever imagined watching and enjoying Hollywood movies without reading the subtitle? Or reaching a high score in a TOEFL test? Or watching (or just listening) “Metro This Morning” every day at 7 am while you are sweeping the floor in your house, and then you tell your room mate about what the tv said? I remember that most students in Apt were troubled with English text books when facing their final test (ujian jurnal), so they needed someone to translate necessary part of the book. I also remember that most graduates felt sorry for not trying harder to understand English in their college time. Hmm…

**What is the problem…?
If we see the rapid changes of our global world, and then try to be honest, we‘ll realize that the need of English is always increasing time by time. English that we’ve been learning from SMP to SMA is not enough to make us quite qualified to use it in any possible manner. In the class, we learned and focused many skills about English (such as: grammar and tenses…). We had our paper about them, and they were fresh in our mind. We also got prepared to face UAS and daily examination. But, in fact, right now, we don’t remember any more how to use that skills.

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Six years of studying English is supposed to be enough to make us understand that language. We don’t need to take any extra class of English with any extra time, and extra cost also (so… the question is: “What is the problem?”).

**Let start this… together…
People usually confused while they realize that they have a poor English and don’t know where to start, or who to share with… let me just say that you are not alone (just like a song of Michael Jackson… hehehehh….). Things can be done easier if you are together. Together with your friends in BEM, your classmate, your room mate, and even your computer (I sometimes speak to my computer, and computer answers what I said…. But this is the last option hehe…. What…? U don’t believe it…? Come on… trust me…! I did it…).

By the way, perhaps I need to describe the technique of “making a nice English conversation and a good relationship with computer” in different note. Jez wait okay….

**Here it is… English Club
The main reason to establish an English club is that English club gives us chance to practice all we’ve got in the class such as many different skills in a setting and condition like a real life. English club provides us a chance to learn English and to learn “organization” as well. I don’t think that English club will make u busy and waste your time… I think the opposite. English club can prevent you from wasting your time. Moreover, it will be full of fun (if you can organize it, of course).

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