Here I am…

When I am not sure whether I can stand

When I feel it’s too much to mend

When I realize that I need another hand…

Who cares and understands…

Guiding my life never end

Here where I lie

When there’s always reason not to cry

When I think all I have to do is to keep to try

Since the future doesn’t belong to the one…

Who used to excuse and then cry

Leaving everything and then fly

And now…

I got to say

It’s too much to pay…

Throwing these whispers away

Or just to make it tame

And then…

I ‘ll get a way

to find The One I used to pray…

and listens whatever I say

Need You… God

I really do

Truly madly deeply need You

Yori Yuliandra
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Yori Yuliandra

A lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, majoring pharmacology "the study of drugs" | A blogger (and webmaster at RankMudo.Net) | An enthusiast in higher education
Yori Yuliandra
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9 thoughts on “Whispers…

    1. Alhamdulillah, All praises be always to Him 😀

  1. Millaty Fitrah says:


    Jez wait 4 the red day when d moment of truth finally comes up. . .

    *uhm, d range time is unlimited, rite?! mybe 4 or 5 years 2 go, insya allah,

    *haha, bntuak yg ka lai c mah ft,

    Doakan c da,
    At least, I play it in my dream,

  2. Millaty Fitrah says:

    Hmm, sounds gud,.

    Jez wait n see,.

    1. wish I aint waiting for nothing….

  3. Millaty Fitrah says:

    plok plok plo
    *standing ovation neh, hh

    Brarti puisi ko y da,
    Uhm, ft ado lo buek puisi b.ing da (promosi -red), tp msh amatiran,

    Jdian lagu,
    Wokeh da,
    Tunggu c launching ny, pkai biola main ny, ft yg mgang, solo, hahay,.

    1. kalo boleh request:
      # nada dasar di C ya…
      # kalo bisa mainnya di adante
      # trus jangan pake biola, tapi pake piano

  4. karangan sorang (sumthin’ deep inside.. uhuk… uhuk…)
    hoho.. ubahlah jadi lagu kalo bisa, n then let me either hear or know how it sounds…

  5. Millaty Fitrah says:

    lagu t da?ap jdul ny t da?

    Atw, krangan sorang?

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