Cardiology research, memory and fancy

researcherI suddenly got a deep feeling to memorize and write down one of my researches (sorry guys, I am pretending like I am a great researcher who used to conduct many researches and studies from any different fields, haha…). Yeah, honestly it was the one and only research I ever conducted :(. But you get to believe me that I got some other projects and papers in several occasions, I did… Come on, believe it…

By the way, I with my lab partners conducted an experimental research in the lab of pharmacology. Under a pretty assistance of “you know who”, we studied the pharmacological action of a plant named “akar mambu”. This plant had previously been investigated to have a blood pressure-lowering activity upon normotensive animal. We tried to figure out how far it could lower the blood pressure of hypertensive animal.

Performing this research made me know sufficiently about hypertension and related issues. Not much, but it would be quite sufficient to make me a good friend to discuss with along that topic. It made me understand about what hypertension really is; how it happens; the symptoms; the bad and other issues that it brings along; how to prevent and protect our selves form such diseases; then how to cure the disease. But the most important one was to know more about available medication and treatment to cure hypertension. This one was the most important issue for me to know and understand concerning my prospective competence as a bachelor of pharmacy and pharmacist as well.

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# Extract Preparation

To obtain the extract from the leaves of Connarus grandis, two extraction procedure were carried out: maceration and rotary evaporation. Maceration was done for a week, then the solvent of  the macerate was removed by using rotary evaporator. From this procedure, we derived the extract that would be ready to be tested to animals.

# Lab Animal

Conducting research in the field of pharmacology must be requiring lab animals. We chose Whistar Kyoto rats that had previously been hypertensive-induced by using salt and prednisone, a drug that’s well known to cause sodium retention and can elevate the blood pressure. When the rats became hypertensive, they were ready to use.

# Method

We performed direct cannulation process, where a cannula was inserted into the blood vessel (carotid artery and vein as well, separately). We acted like a surgeon operating a (rat) patient :). The cannula was connected to Biopac MP150 device installed to a computer. Therefore, we could monitor the blood pressure simultaneously.

simple steps to perform antihypertensive research

This research was quite challenging and magnificent. Trying to catch the dead line and performing some other additional tests made this research even more complicated, but still exciting. Thank God I got handy friend and advisor.

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Yori Yuliandra

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5 thoughts on “Cardiology research, memory and fancy

  1. Nietuzinkowe wpisy, dobra tematyka.

  2. r.p. says:


    i like it. ur post, i mean.
    it’s one of fresh posts i read this week; funny and flowing in its own way.

    u find ur way to find the fun in a research, bro.


    1. Great to know that an economist got interested to something purely scientific like this.


  3. Agush says:

    I can’t imagine how many Whistar Kyoto rats have you killed. pity U rats 🙁

    1. Yori says:

      Indeed… they looked very happy to act as the lab animals. They thought that it was their most significant contribution to the science and human kind… That’s the way it is 😀

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