Oh My God

(internet oh internet…)

yori-onlineI was kinda bit depressed and shocked while visiting a special page titled Yori’s profile on Yahoo!. Why not, it was showing me a wonderful ever long listing about my entire internet accounts and reflecting my online activity. It made me feel like I wanted to cry as loud as I could, or to scream for the best of my voice. But, fortunately, I didn’t do that. I couldn’t, coz I got a cough πŸ˜†

Here, I am gonna show you but… please, don’t scream. Here it is…

yori online

Mmm… let me explain

Having such complete accounts doesn’t definitely mean that I used to spend my 24 hr in front of the computer. Come on man, I ain’t that bad. I am a simple and normal guy. I need food, I have to take a bath, I pray my Lord (5 times a day at least), I need to socialize, and certainly I need to take a rest, just like the others. But honestly, this time is the worst period of time for me where I spend more time to face my 19′ widescreen LCD than I ever did.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t care about my eyes. I seem to forget that I already use a glasses lying just above my noose. I. Oh eyes, forgive me please. You are doing good, and I truly madly deeply need you. I can’t stand without you.


By the way, I don’t see my Facebook account in that list ❓

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btw, thanks for not screaming… πŸ˜›

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Yori Yuliandra

A lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, majoring pharmacology "the study of drugs" | A blogger (and webmaster at RankMudo.Net) | An enthusiast in higher education
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21 thoughts on “Oh My God

  1. nurul says:

    like this…:)

  2. sari says:

    tulisan yang menarik

    kunjungi ini ya….

  3. achoey says:

    Salam salut sobat

    Saya punya waktu yg singkat utk OL
    Paling rutinnya ngeblog ama buka email


    1. Wslam. Saya nyaris selalu OL, tapi tidak melulu di depan komputer. Komputer OL tapi sayanya keluar, atau tidur. Hehe…

  4. Assalamu’alaikum …

    Salam ukhuwah …

    afwan, ane nggak bisa comment cuz nggak ngerti bahasa inggris …


    1. ‘alaykumussalam…
      Salam persaudaraan

      I write in English only to try my self to practice written English. Just like the other skills, it gradually disappears when it’s not used

      Btw, thanks for commenting… πŸ™‚

  5. darahbiroe says:


    maaf baru s4 confirm request anda soal tukeran link
    Link anda sudah saya psang rapih di blog freesmsc
    tolong link saya dipasang juga dengan nama freesmsc
    terima kasih


    1. Link sudah terpasang dan yang tidak kalah penting: terpasang sesuai dengan pesanan, :mrgreen:

  6. Asop says:

    Hey, yeah, where is your fb account? πŸ˜€

    1. He’s hiding somewhere… I called him, but he kept hiding… :mrgreen:

  7. fansmaniac says:

    waaah keren euy mantap bahasa inggrisnya.. salam kenal juga, blog anda juga sudah tertaut di blog saya…

    Salam kenal πŸ˜€

  8. sunflo says:

    hei…hei… heiii… kita tukeran link taah…?? malu aq, namamu belum kutautkan di blog sunflower… ok dech, habis dr sini aq langsung garap nie proyek… thanks yaa… :mrgreen:

    1. Yori says:

      Hei hei… Kami telah berbuat sebelum yang lain memikirkannya *Ini slogan PT. Semen Padang

  9. sunflo says:

    ooh tidaaaaakkkkkk… cape’ dech… πŸ™„

  10. rose says:

    hmmm… banyak sekali aktivitas OL mu Yo…. πŸ™‚
    masih sempet kunjungi aq kan??

    1. Hehe… I frequently visit the blogs already in my blog groll. Jangan khawatir, semua bakal dapat kunjungan πŸ˜›

  11. delia4ever says:

    yayaya….some of us addicted already… πŸ˜€
    like me.. hikss hikss…

    i dont see also your face book account.. πŸ™‚ perhaps u dont want me to add yours… wekekekek….

    1. Yori says:

      If you try to find “yori yuliandra” in the search box of Facebook, you will find one search result only, and it will be me

  12. ariosaja says:

    PErtamaXX diamankan
    La, si pesbuk lagi pengajian tuh

    1. Lagi-lagi si Pertamax muncul.. πŸ˜†
      Btw, si pesbuk ini malu-maluin aja, gak jujur geetoh…
      Padahal si dia tuh yang paling banyak makan waktu

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