Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

This is the 3rd Weekly Photo Challenge from Daily Post of WordPress.com

https://i1.wp.com/lh5.googleusercontent.com/_K0S2BIyBkeo/TC683MNim2I/AAAAAAAAEdQ/cXuz_Htxty0/s640/nephentes.jpg?resize=540%2C303&ssl=1Can we live in the cup of nepenthes…? Coz it looks like a shelter to live in 🙂

I merely want to ask you one question

What will you do if nepenthes grows much larger than it’s current size? Don’t you want to try to stay inside it? Even for a while???

Just be careful :mrgreen:


Picture’s details:

Location: Harau Valley, West Sumatera, Indonesia
Date: June 30, 2010
Cam: Sony DSC-W210
ISO: 125
Exposure: 1/80 sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 5.4mm
Flash Used: No

This is the 3rd Weekly Photo Challenge from Daily Post of WordPress.com

Yori Yuliandra
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Yori Yuliandra

A lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, majoring pharmacology "the study of drugs" | A blogger (and webmaster at RankMudo.Net) | An enthusiast in higher education
Yori Yuliandra
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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

  1. cocomino says:

    Hello.Nice to meet you.This photo inspired me a lot.I’ll learn about Indonesia from this blog.
    I hope you will take good care of this.

  2. Prima says:

    Nephentes sama gak ya sama paphiopedilum gak ya? Kalau saya taunya ini jenis anggrek…
    Jadi pengen ikutan weekly photo chalange… ^^

  3. dan saya cuma bisa nyimpan bermacam2 jenis bunga yg didapat dari mbah google 😥
    senang ya,yg bisa berkarya..
    #silaturahi sore,,lamo dak main#

  4. kikiriska28 says:

    bunganya nagus,, nemu dimana da? hehehe

    mav da, ki baru comment, tapi ki slalu baca postingan uda lhooo,,
    hlmannya d save, trus d baca d rumah deh,,,

    bagusan baca dlu, dari pada comment dlu kan da,,
    ntar commentnya jaka sembung lagi,, hahahaha

  5. fitr4y says:

    wew .. cma bisa bilang cakep .. hehehe 🙂


  6. TRKN says:

    yes I would definitely want to live inside it…. for a while… not too long… :))

  7. Zura says:

    wow, that’s a cool photograph, dude. by blurring the background of an image, it will look more detail and focus. Nice picture and you share the detail, too. Are you a photographer or what? 🙂

    Great to visit your blog… I’ll add you to my blogroll soon, you’ll be noticed when I’m done.

    1. The background of the main focus was automatically blurred by the camera *it’s not photoshopped, it’s not me* But, the camera did it (depends on the type of the camera and also the configuration).

      I ain’t a photographer *just some one who really likes photography and knows a few simple techniques to capture things. I don’t even have my own cam :mrgreen:

      Thanks for the visit. I ‘ve just put your link in mine

  8. Hello, i enjoy reading your website. Finally, i collect some ideas for my website or blog. Thanks for the information.

  9. InVinciBle TeTik says:

    Beautiful 🙂

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