What keeps me up at night?

https://i1.wp.com/yoriyuliandra.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/sleepy.gif?resize=196%2C127I always try to deny someone that call me a busy man. Ya, I am not a busy man. I am free, relax, easy going, and no offense. But, the outlook of friends around me puts me as the busiest man of the year, the year before, and the following year, haha… 😆

Anyway,  I don’t have something to waste my time, so to speak. Eventhough we are different in the way we define “busy”, “something to waste time”, or perhaps “what’s proper to do and not to do”, etc, I just do things that are far from useless *at least from my personal view. Overall, I always try to make something right on schedule, including about when to be awake doing things, and when to take a rest.

Sometimes, frankly speaking, I can’t help my self to be  right on schedule (work at day, and rest at night). Ya, I sometimes have things that keep me up at the night

#Homeworks and assignments for the morning –> These are purely student and learner things. I actually get plenty time to do tasks and homeworks: a week. But, I really can’t help my self to obey the rule of doing homeworks: don’t wait until the deadline is close. Ya, should change this :mrgreen: Anyway, sometimes, I keep awake not due to doing the homework, but because of thinking the homeworks rather than just doing it. Ya I know, this is ridiculous 🙂

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#Really interesting films –> Whoops 😳 I can’t believe that I just said it. Ya, sometimes. I can’t wait for the morning to watch a good movie that I just got at the night. I just feel that watching it just after I got it is a must *Oh no…

#Blogwalking –> Ya, midnight is just a perfect time to blogwalking. I can learn things from other blogs; read funny stories to relieve my exhausted body and minds; get a few ideas about what to do and what to write; etc. I just think that, sometimes, midnight is the only time to do it.

#A cup of coffee and cappuccino –> Ya, absolutely of course. For being a pharmacist, I really understand that these things make me up at the night *eventhough certain group of people don’t get this effect. Cofee and cappuccino exhibit a series of mechanisms that makes some kind of epinephrine flood on your brain that keeps you awake *ya whatever it is, I believe you got it :mrgreen:

#Live football match on TV –> Actually, I don’t really love watching football on the television. I love playing it better than just watching it. But, I keep awake when friends who watch it in the family room keep yelling and talking in front of the TV. And I really don’t like this yelling –> “Gooooooaaall……” So, why don’t I just join them to watch it…? 😉

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#Earthquake –> I think I need to tell you that I live in Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia. A nice place to know how it feels to live in fear and endangered by the earthquake. This is not a good story to tell. But still, it’s more than enough to keep us all awake at the night.

#Last: Writing this post :mrgreen: –> *I should have been asleep this hour. But, writing this post makes me up, ‘cuz I can’t write while sleeping *haha… funny… come on please laugh 😆

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Yori Yuliandra

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5 thoughts on “What keeps me up at night?

  1. tanne says:

    A cup coffee and capucino, a pharm student habbit for finishing our practical report heheh ooppss.

  2. Artikelmu bagus juga,
    silahkan berkunjung di blog saya @
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  3. lovira137 says:

    blog walking at night
    my new habbit 😀

  4. Novia Elisa says:


    addition: reading interesting book also can keep us up at night.. *just for me 😆

  5. Nurmila Sari says:

    Ha..ha..Keeps up at a night become isn`t common for me this time..

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