Hidden talent

total_talentHaving been born as a human is a great deal as each of us was the champion. Champion who defeated million other competitors, challenged the death, then came to be the winner. Ya, that was a kind of great competition where each participants had the same opportunity to win, the same speed, the same “parent”, the same track, and the same finish line. That’s really a fair play where no one cheated others. And finally, the one who came up was the champion. Ya, I am the one, you are the one, and we are all the one: The real champion

The winner in that kind of competition is somelike a great champion with great talents. We can never deny it. We got talents.

I feel I have so many talents. I won’t spell ’em here 🙂 But my whole life has proven it. I got talent A, talent B, talent C, and even to talent Z. I don’t think that I ‘ll be so talented like that. My historical background don’t give any sign that I would be so talented. I am just proud and thank God for those less-employed talents.

Anyway, my hidden talent which I consider my greatest talent is TO HIDE MY ENTIRE TALENTS AND NOT TO SHOW OFF 😆

So, what talents do you have…?

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Written to answer the challenge of DailyPost in the Topic #59
*hopin’ this post wouldn’t be the worst post I ever wrote :mrgreen:

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Yori Yuliandra

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6 thoughts on “Hidden talent

  1. Prima says:

    let people see… not let people hear… 😀

    1. great… agreed…
      You are probably right 🙂

  2. adipras says:

    Joss…..mantabs jaya…pertamax

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