Payakumbuh: The town where I grew up

Feels like yesterday when I was still in white and gray uniform studying in Senior High School. It was the last year where I was living in the town where I grew up: a small town named Payakumbuh. It was not a big town, but it’s now growing, faster than I predicted.ย  I was born when this town was 15 years old. I spent my first 18 years in this town with family. Soon after being graduated from Senior High School, I went to university to study pharmacy, and then studied it again after having a bachelor degree. Ya, it’s been 8 years for me to live 150 k away from my home town.

Payakumbuh: where the story began

It’s still fresh in my mind what my home town looked like when I was a kid. The rocky street was still everywhere, and sometimes with big and deep holes. Our house was not even supplied with public electricity until the early 1990’s. Public transportation was a kind of expensive thing to use that we just went everywhereย  by foot, or bicycle at most. That was why I played somewhere not far enough from my house: playing football in the afternoon near the house, or perhaps just for hide and seek with a few friends. I and most of the kids counted on walks to go to school. I am also permanently reminded something about television. In my village, there was only 1 television we could watch together, and there was only one national TV channel that year, around 1990.

PAYAKUMBUH TODAY: Everything changes

gerbang selamat datang payakumbuh
“Welcome to Payakumbuh” gate

Generally speaking, Payakumbuh is far enough to be called crowded. The buildings of the city are quite organized. Anyone should have got the license before starting to build. So far, there’s no skyscraper in this town as the empty ground are very very available to plan a lot of buildings. The traditional houses (which is called “Rumah Gadang”) of “Minangkabau race” still exist. I got a series of photographs of this traditional house around Payakumbuh in here.

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The weather of Payakumbuh suits what most people want: not really hot in the day, and not quite cold in the night. The climate and the weather are very suitable for farming and husbandry. It also supports the tourism as many beautiful places has to be visited.

Places I used to visit for fun and vacation

harau valley payakumbuh
Harau Valley

Talking about a city would not be interesting enough without describing cool places to visit. Harau Valley is always the best place to visit in my town. A rural place at the town border with some natural waterfalls and considered a good spot for photography of hills and animal – insect objects as well. It’s always attracting to visit as the government has committed to manage this wonderful valley to be the primary resource of the city. Besides, the national government also launched “Visit Indonesia 2011” to promote Indonesia tourism. It’s not difficult to find international tourists there spending their holidays for a couple days or weeks. Harau Valley got it’s highest annual traffic in every Idul Fitri. We could just be trapped for a couple of hours due to visitor in abundance whether from inside or outside the town if we didn’t leave soon *last year experience. Anyway, I consider Indonesia as the best destination to spend your holiday. Magnificent places and warm greeting from friendly people are await. You can plan your trip in Indonesia in here. <– I am trying to promote national tourism :mrgreen:

Batang Tabik
Batang Tabik, a public swimming pool (but feels like a private one)

By the way, Harau Valley is not the only lovely place I used to visit. I sometimes go swimming in “Batang Tabik”, a public swimming pool. It is now visited not because its beautiful nor favorite place. Instead, people visit it because it has less visitor since other swimming pools were launched a few years ago and open for public. It feels like we have a private pool in here :mrgreen:

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The Townsquare

There’s one thing that I lately notice about the current town square. It is the “Piala Adipura” (a national award for clean and lovely cities) monument standing right in the town square. It was previously just a miniature like “Jam Gadang” in Bukittinggi (another small town about 35 km from Payakumbuh), but the government decided to replace it with Adipura Monument. It’s a kind of the pride to live in a lovely town which is clean and equipped with good sanitary. That’s why this town is quite far from flood eventhough we live in a country with an extremely high rainfall.

tugu adipura payakumbuh
“Adipura” monument standing right in the town square

The townsquare is probably the most livable spot in the night, and it gets it’s most visitor every Saturday night. I didn’t really understand what people want from this place in the night until then I realized that it must be the food around it. This town provides food and eats in abundance ranging from “sate” to “martabak mesir”

“Bendi”: a non motorized transportation mode

bendi payakumbuh
“Bendi”, a transportation mode that’s commonly used to travel from one traditional market to another

The public transportation has grown to provide delivery to most of the town corners. Besides, motor cycle is no longer a difficult thing to own for the families and it suits the daily transportation needs for this small town, thus no train and no high way in this town *for what…? we don’t need it… We don’t even have the traffic jam, perhaps until a few upcoming years as the number of motorcycle and car arise.

But there’s a traditional transportation that we call “Bendi” (or what our national language call “delman”). It’s a common transportation mode that suits the daily needs to shop from one traditional market to another. When I was in Senior High School, I sometimes used this mode to go home.

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Annual Events

My home town is rich with cultural events and exhibitions regularly organized every year.

Annual horse race in Payakumbuh
Horse race is an annual event in Payakumbuh. It’s always organized in “Kubu Gadang” sport stadium
pacu itiak payakumbuh
Duck race in Payakumbuh: this race is very unique and is a tradition of Payakumbuh people. The race is organized in a quite long straight road and allows the ducks fly farther…
pacu jawi payakumbuh
Another annual race in Payakumbuh called “Pacu Jawi”. It’s like “Karapan Sapi” in Madura Island, but this one is performed in a rice field *So the farmers don’t need plowing the field before they plant the rice ๐Ÿ™‚

Hang out at the afternoon?

There are a few things I recently notice about what’s good to see in my home town at the afternoon. I was quite surprised when I incidentally found what’s happening in the pictures below for the first time.ย 

road race payakumbuh
Street afternoon race: what we can easily find around “Kubu Gadang” sport stadium. It’s not a competition, it’s more likely a racing practice and I think anyone can join it for fun or perhaps as a challenge. But sometimes those without any racing suit also take part in, and even those only using sandals. Boys… *sigh*
motor cycle free style payakumbuh
a free styler in action in the yard of “Ngalau Indah” (makes me whispering “If one wheel is enough, why use two…”)

Payakumbuh: Place to get back???

Fortunately, I am currently only about 3 hours trip away from my lovely home town. It allows me at least once a month to visit the town where the story began, meet mom and dad and a young lady little sister. Everything changes, but the love for those who brought me to this world would always be a part of me . And also the love for the town that has grown me…

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*most pictures taken stolen from here :mrgreen:

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    1. I am currently staying in Padang (about 130k from Payakumbuh).
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