Ngeblog bareng PEC: "Is studying English difficult…?"

*difficulties in learning English…

open-englishEnglish was a subject I didn’t really like when I was in senior high school, perhaps for a few reasons. And frankly speaking, I sometimes blamed the teachers, the books, and many others justification. Eventhough I could reach 8 or 9 in the student assessment report, I just didn’t welcome the English lesson a lot. I didn’t really enjoy the class and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t. But now, after being graduated from university, I can figure out a few things why I didn’t love English.

We don’t love English because we don’t completely understand why we should be familiar with English. We were just told that English is important and is the international language, but we didn’t definitely get it.

I finally got this point when I faced conditions below.

I studied pharmacy, a subject that was definitely unfamiliar with me *that time… Thus, I tried to pay full attention in the class, make 100% attendance, joined the practice class, but I just couldn’t catch the lesson. Then finally, I had the last solution –> the text books… But, unfortunately, the text books of Pharmacy are most in English. There is actually books in Bahasa Indonesia, but one in a million. Then, I started to realize and feel sorry WHY I DIDN’T SERIOUSLY LEARN ENGLISH….

Anyway… After realizing that understanding English is something compulsory, I started to point mastering English as my prior plan. I read English text books a lot, established English club, we got English classes, practicing spoken English in English days, and so on… And, the most important thing: encouraging friends and colleagues to also start learning English, together…

After a couple years in encouraging students to learn English and join English club as well, I think I can describe a few difficulties in learning English for students.

  1. They don’t really know how to start. Most of college students are now encouraged to use English. Sometimes, the lesson materials are described in English, and even the examination. I mean, they now understand that English is really important. But, the problem is, they just don’t know what to do with their bad English. They want to learn seriously, but how…?
  2. They don’t have sufficient extra time to learn English. Most of students spend most of their time in the campus for classes and labs. Allocating a particular time to only deal with learning English is almost impossible. Students sometimes are stuck with their business in learning and assignments, and then they feel that it’s a good justification to not learn English.
  3. The faculty don’t really take part in encouraging students to learn and practice English. The faculty with it’s regulation has a very powerful tool to “insist” the students to master English. I mean, why don’t just the faculty pay more attention to make more concrete regulations such as: English day for students and lecturer *and perhaps also for workers. This rule would be taken as a serious regulation if there is a “reward and punishment” method.
  4. The English club don’t really know where to go. This is just something acceptable for a new club. English club is just a club organized by busy students. They sometimes need supports from the faculty, the alumni, student board, etc.

These difficulties have to be addressed by the English Club. A year experience is supposed to be enough to go forward and reach more concrete targets.Β  Englich Club only is not enough to overcome these problems. They should collaborate with the faculty and students board.


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Yori Yuliandra

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20 thoughts on “Ngeblog bareng PEC: "Is studying English difficult…?"

  1. I have a few suggestions that might help. I understand one of the things that students face is a serious lack of time, and having one more meeting a week (for the English club) seems like a lot. In addition, you have to find time outside of the club meeting to practice what you are learning.

    Why not have an online English club? Then you could include people like Zura who want to learn English but don’t live near you.

    Instead of a blog (although it could be a private blog), use a forum. The study materials would be English fiction novels…start with easier to read ones at first and as time goes on, go with the more difficult ones. Reading lists wouldn’t be hard to google.

    The moderator could assign perhaps a chapter a week of the chosen book. People would be encouraged to read the chapter aloud, as well as reading it silently to themselves. Then at the end of the week, people could log on to the forum and discuss (in English) what they thought the chapter meant, what they liked, what they noticed about the characters and plot.

    You could also work with movies in English – watch a movie one week a month and discuss that movie the same way as the book.

    Christopher was right when he talked about passion. You have to have the desire, before you can learn. Like Yuri, you have to find out why it is important to you to do this, and then tackle it.

    But you also have to make it accessible and fun. Who wants one more dull subject to try and learn? Good books, adventure books, mysteries, fantasies – they are abundant and fun…the club members can vote on which ones to read. Hopefully your libraries have English copies of these books (I know students all over the world don’t often have much money :P). The movies can be rented for a small amount, or you can borrow from friends.

    How about it? Maybe you could have an English-speaking person or two join the club to help out with idioms and colloquialisms as well. I would be willing to help that way (but I don’t want to organize it – that would be up to you all). πŸ™‚

    Give it a thought anyhow.

  2. we migth head in abroad or rather.., that english is only about speaking, tense,TOEFL (for hunting score) and so on but also about creating a world which people around the world could unite together in various ways and perspective.

    I would say thet english is one way. yes, we can choose. πŸ™‚

  3. isnanamaxu says:

    I guess it’s impossible to apply your argument in number 3. Say your plan of giving reward and punishment clearly in order that we know how THE WAY the faculty can handle a lot of things about the rule on giving reward and punishment. How’ll they know if there are students or perhaps workers do the english day or not?
    The faculty is the faculty, it’s not the same as “a school” ^_^

  4. i hope it will become real, especially for your describe at number 3. english day for students, lecturers and workers. and the faculty will give the reward and punishment too πŸ˜€

  5. English is no more familiar to me since I became a university student. No English lesson, no reading English textbook, no conversation in English, and worse, no trigger to practice.
    It’s just too bad.
    Guess I do need an English club.

  6. isnuansa says:

    ngeri nih kalo udah ngomong inggris, itu kelemahan saya. πŸ™

  7. Zura says:

    wow, your English is marvelous! I wish I could join your club… One thing for sure, I’m not even a UNAND Pharmasy student.

    U guyz have brilliant idea. Why don’t you build another English Club zone? Like Sumatera Bloggers English Club or something like that? I’m in Pekanbaru, and when I was in High School, I joined English Debate Club… And my English now is keep decreasing by time goes without practicing. The only thing helps me get rid of it is just, blogging. And it is stiff without interaction with others. I like your club’s plan, wish I could join in another club. Please notify me if you would build some.


    1. Your English is obviously amazing indeed.
      This is just the beginning. We are now still trying to find the most effective way to promote English learning for busy students like our faculty :mrgreen: I think this manner is only suitable fro students as it requires weekly meeting and sometimes outdoor activities.
      English club for bloggers…? can be… but, perhaps not now, or not me… πŸ™‚

      1. sangprofesor says:

        why not brotha? … but, ya, we can join another blog whose language is english… i think so… πŸ™‚

  8. Prima says:

    πŸ™‚ good writing mas…

    kadang belajar karena terpaksa lebih baik daripada belajar dengan rencana dan rencana.. wkakakakak…

  9. kunjungan perdana neh.. salam

  10. orange float says:

    the key is practice to speak english and don’t shy if your grammar is wrong πŸ™‚

  11. muslimmuda says:

    One thing that makes me give up learning english is vocabulary. I don’t have good memory. Each time I find a new word, I search in dictionary. But afterward, I forget the word. πŸ˜€

    1. Zura says:

      You will have a good memory of English vocabularies by practice it whenever you can. You have blog, you have an asset. Why don’t u utilize it after all… πŸ™‚

      Good luck!

  12. fitr4y says:

    berkunjung sore ..


  13. Christopher says:

    Learning English isn’t that hard as long as we have what it takes to learn english: Passion.
    Passion by definition is a strong feeling or emotion towards something. So when are passionate about english, i mean when we’re passionate of improving our english, then we’ll able to improve it despite difficulties.

  14. Novia Elisa says:

    like the third and fourth point…

    *need to have discussion with the faculty..

  15. By reading english articles, people can improve their english slowly but sure. Thaks to you too for writing many english articles. Those are not only useful for you-as a writerreally, but also us-as readers πŸ˜€

  16. kikiriska28 says:

    i like ur describe at number 2,,, it’s true,.
    it’s make us become rare to practise english..

    not confident is also make students difficult in learning english

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