Ramadhan Award

What a happy news when someone told me that I was awarded something. Such a long time I don’t receive any awards 🙂 I think I got nothing to mention but Alhamdulillah, and thanks to the awarder. This award means something for me. It reminds me a lot about what I am supposed to do in this holy month, the “Syahrul Quran”.

By the way, I have previously realized that Ramadhan is truly an award from The Lord, a grand award. Ya, it really is…

I think I should make this brief. Here are the rules for those who receive this award (or perhaps you can just refer to its original page and original language by clicking the banner, ‘coz sometimes I just need to come clean that my written English can also be terrible :mrgreen: . So, to be officially awarded please read the rules in Bahasa in here, when necessary).

First: Try to do what this award asks you to do –> to read the holy Quran, more and more. You can just speed up and read tens of page each days. (I say: “Okay, inshaAllah… I’ll try my best.  And frankly speaking, I just finished my first and started a new beginning”). *the last sentence is not really necessary to write.

Second: Kindly put the banner on your blog. Please use this html code –> <a href=”http://fathelvi.blogspot.com/2011/08/ramadhan-award-two-special-ramadhan.html”><img border=”0″ src=”http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EY_DoismtgA/TjwcrhTg0aI/AAAAAAAACpM/mnw9JZBvdmc/s1600/ramadhan+award+for+blogger.gif” /></a> (start copying from “<a” and ended by “a>”) (I say: “I have done it”. Anyway, this html code reminds me about my latest lesson from my webmaster things: php script, javascript, and css)

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Third: Forward this award to your blogging friends and notify them for this award and let them know. The rules are also applicable for them. I say: “On behalf the guy who receives this award, I kindly forward this charming award to:

  1. David Satria
  2. Julio Eiffelt R R
  3. Dewy Azura

Those are the names that come to the picture somehow. So, please grab this award and kindly do the follow-ups.

Forth: Please copy-paste the passage below (I say: “I can’t rewrite it in English, coz the instruction is “copy-paste”). The passage is somelike another gift. Please start copying just after this sentence…”)


Ini ditujukan bukan hanya buat Narablog yang menerima award ini saja, tapii semua pembaca blog sekalian.

Special Gift 2 ini adalah sebuah APLIKASI SEDERHANA untuk memantau, meng-evaluasi serta menghitung-hitung amalan yaumiah kita selama Ramadhan. Sebab, ramadhan bukan saja sebagai syahru shiyam, tapi juga sebagai syahrul qur’an dan syahrul jihad. Seperti yang sudah disabdakan Rasulullaah, bahwasannya arang siapa yang mendirikan Ramadhan dan berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan dengan keimanan dan penuh perhitungan, maka diampuni dosa-dosanya yang telah berlalu. Jadiiii, program sederhana ini membantu kita untuk menghitung amalan yaumiyah  kita selama ramadhan…

Program ini tak memerlukan proses installasi  dan bebas virus, insya Allah…
Tapiii, hanya bisa digunakan untuk para pengguna MS. Office 2007 + (insya Allah udah pada 2007 kan yah? hee…

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Silahkan download di sini : http://www.4shared.com/file/2WVMp_fP/Amalan_Yaumi_Ramadhan.html

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Yori Yuliandra

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10 thoughts on “Ramadhan Award

  1. lia sikupu says:

    wow… you got it, sir! same with me!!

  2. Zura says:

    thanks da yori for the award..
    Insya Allah, I’ll grab it to my blog and proudly put it there.. 🙂

    Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH and may our fast and all devotions are finely accepted and blessed by Allah SWT. Amin

  3. ysalma says:

    mulai menghitung nih Yori,
    kira-kira nilainya merah ga ya hiks.

  4. InVinciBle TeTik says:

    wah langsung download nih 🙂
    Thanks mas Yori

  5. wah, selamat ya… bagi penerima award Ramadhan, dan semua sahabat pengunjung tentunya. Semoga program tersebut dapat memudahkan menghitung amalan yaumiah di bulan yang penuh kemuliaan dari Allah Swt. ini.

    1. baju wanita says:

      ya, slamat. mudah-mudahan kau juga bisa dapat… hhe 🙂

  6. giewahyudi says:

    Yang kedua sudah dibungkus ya..
    Matur suwun.. 🙂

  7. Asop says:

    Ketiga nama yang belum saya kenal. 🙂

  8. Lidya says:

    selamat atas awardnya ya juga selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa

  9. fitr4y says:

    buat aku juga dg,, trims ya.. aku byong langsung nh ..

    semoga dibulan yg suci ini kita mampu meningkatkan iman dan takwa .. amin..

    salam 🙂

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