Ramadhan and Internet Things

I have actually promised my self to lessen my contact with my computer and internet things during this Ramadhan. But, It clearly seems almost impossible for me as I do a lot of things with my computer. Sometimes, I feel sorry for my self for one thing –> I sent a special Ramadhan prayer a few months before Ramadhan, a deep wish to Allah to let me reach this Ramadhan. But, when I am already here in this holy month, this is who I am. Seems like nothing really different in me. It makes me forget that I prayed a lot to be in this Ramadhan.

Nevertheless… I keep trying to perform my very best by the way, but still, can’t be far away from my internet things. Anyway, I think I should write why:

  • web admin for a seminar event organized by campus
  • trying to learn about fluorescence microscopy
  • translating things
  • FBing, twittering, etc

PHP, ajax, js, cpanel <– these creatures could just blow my head and spam my brain with enormous alien codes. Did I learn it all by my self? Nope, I got a teacher *alhamdulillah. I worked with many software and applications including Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop. By the way, my primary concern is not about the difficulties I face to fight these creepy things and alien codes, but the time that should be allocated to deal with them. Time is more than money in this holy month, so to speak. I just feel that doing these things for the most of your day in this holy month is just something misplaced. By the way, wanna see the website? Please refer to this page

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Have you ever heard about fluorescence microscopy? Such another alien thing for me, frankly speaking. I am expected *challenged* to also deal with this one in order to finish my study. Learning about an all brand new thing can also be something tricky if you do it without teacher, I mean an expert as we don’t have one in here. So, let we see whether internet is the answer for this obstacle.

Ow, I almost forget. I also have a book *an English book, of course* to be translated. My simple English can not cope a whole book to translate in a short time. Ya I know you all will say “use Google Translate, Yori”… That’s the problem. We don’t have ebook version for this one. Wanna help me? This is the book details –> Drug Discovery and Development. If you find the ebook version, please kindly gimme the link. That would be really appreciated 🙂

I think I should also mention this one –> I am the contact person for a national seminar on pharmacy organized by Univ. of Andalas. So, below is my warm phone call welcoming :

“Halo, ada yang bisa say bantu?… Oh iya pak, acaranya tanggal 24 September ini Pak… Gimana? ooo… hotelnya… Kalo informasi hotel kita cuma menyediakan nomor kontaknya saja, bapak bisa dilihat di website kok pak… Iya, ini seminarnya ada bobot 10 SKP bla bla bla….

Wish I can survive this Ramadhan… Send me prayer please *berdoa, mulai…

Oh ya, I should optimize my self in i’tikaf, shouldn’t I?

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Yori Yuliandra

A lecturer and researcher in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Andalas University, majoring pharmacology "the study of drugs" | A blogger (and webmaster at RankMudo.Net) | An enthusiast in higher education
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8 thoughts on “Ramadhan and Internet Things

  1. Dokter Anak says:

    salam kenal..sukses slalu

  2. ysalma says:

    Ikut menyimak,
    sukses :D.

  3. nadiafriza says:

    dont let the technology becomes our spectacle in reaching eternal happiness mas..

    good luck! 🙂

  4. makasih banyak, bro, ikut menyimak dengan duduk manis…

  5. imasaja says:

    Subhanallah Da…..
    makasih udah jd pengingat…..
    smoga ALLAH mengampuni dosa kita smua.

  6. fitr4y says:

    bangun tidur menyimak tulisan mu, sungguh lumayan bikin aku bingung . hehhehe biasa kalo bangun tidur sinyalnya gak penuh .. 😀

    sukses selalu 🙂

  7. Asop says:

    Jangan lupa nikmati semua itu ya Mas. 🙂

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