Almost five years ago

Feels like yesterday, but it was almost five years ago. What’s five years ago? Here, the pic below, I wrote it 5 years ago.

yori_acknowledgment1 yori_acknowledgment2


A few couple things about this pic:

  • I am actually expected to be writing (or perhaps, have written) this kind of acknowledgment for my thesis right now, but everything changed when the fire nation attack *aaaarrghhh. But I’ll catch up very soon, inshaAllah
  • I should come clean that my English sucked. I found so many grammatical errors. I didn’t even know that “teach” should be expressed with “taught” in past participle/past tense instead of “teached”. But it was five years ago. Now? not too far different… LOL
  • Clearly, flowers have long got it’s place in my heart, or at least in my artistic view. They even existed in my thesis acknowledgment. I realized that it’s quite unique for a guy, but do I care??? Let we see in my next thesis acknowledgment *Hmm… I’m thinking what kind of flower will take place :p
  • I think I never verbally spelled any “thanks” to those mentioned above. Please dear all friends, this is actually my honest thank… Please just consider that I was too busy to meet and tell it to you all (or perhaps too ashamed). Thanks barokalloh…

Yori Yuliandra
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Yori Yuliandra

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Yori Yuliandra
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13 thoughts on “Almost five years ago

  1. Lovia says:

    5 years ago upss… now 8 years many nice moment we have. Makasih buat pak yori yg msh menyimpan sisa2 cerita tempo doeloe..big hope to can see u again.

    1. Hey, you’re finally here *after mentioned 4 years ago in this page… 😀
      Ya, thanks *again* to be there.
      Anyway, I documented everything, very well.

      Ya, time will answer 😉

  2. vinnn says:

    waktu yang cukup lamaa

  3. kakaakin says:

    Semoga segala aktifitasnya lancar jaya ya…
    Minal aidin wal faizin, maaf lahir dan batin 🙂

  4. Sya says:

    It’s been a long time ya…

    1. Ya it really is. Almost forgotten…

  5. aminocte says:

    semuanya berubah ketika negara api menyerang *laughs*
    dear uda, sepertinya ini bisa dijadikan inspirasi acknowledgements utk skripsi ami *evilgrin*
    almost 5 years ago? saya masih sma qaqaaa 😀

    1. Dear Ami, nanti boleh kok konsultasi sebelum bikin acknowledgment. Jangan sungkan2 😉

      1. Oh ya, btw, 5 years ago bukannya masih ingusan…??? ❓ hihi..

      2. aminocte says:

        uhuk, masih anak es em a 😀

  6. email90 says:

    fire nation attack (?) oo, negara api 😆

    1. Iya, negara api.
      Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony 😉

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