Comparative Effectiveness of Defatted Hypotensive Crude Extract, Ethyl Acetate and Butanolic Fractions of Cassytha Filiformis L. on Different Models of Hypertensive Rats

Armenia, Y. Yuliandra & M. Z. A. Sattar


The hypotensive effectiveness of defatted crude ethanolic extract, ethyl acetate and butanolic fractions of Cassytha filiformis L. have been compared on anesthesized prednisone-saline-induced (PN) and Prednisone-saline-LNAME -induced (PNL) hypertensive rats. Extract/fractions were given at the dose of 5 mg/kg each while a group treated by 100 μmol/kg oftempol was used as comparison. Extract/fractions/vehicle were commence in 3 consecutive doses intravenously every one hour interval. The systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), mean arterial pressure (MAP) and heart rate (HR) of the animals were measured (Biopac® MP 150 Data Acquisition System). Data were presented as the percentage changes of those parameters and analyzed by three way ANOVA followed by Duncan’s Multiple Range Test. Results showed that the ethanolic defatted extract and tempol decreased animal SBP, DBP, MAP and HR significantly (p<0.05) while ethyl acetate and butanolic fractions did not (p>0.1). The average percentage decrease of animal SBP and MAP on PNL rats were higher (p<0.05) as compared to those on PN rats, while DBP and HR of those groups of animal were not significantly different (p>0.1). Repeated dose of all samples tent to decrease animal SBP and HR (p<0.1) but not their DBP and MAP (p>0.1). These results indicated that the hypotensive effectiveness of the defatted ethanolic extract of Cassytha filiformis is better as compared to its ethyl acetate and butanolic fractions and these effects are greater on oxidative stress related hypertensive rats.

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Keywords: hypotensive activity, prednisone-saline induced, prednisone-saline-L-NAME induced, Cassytha filiformis.


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Published in World Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences |  Volume 3, Issue 12 (Dec 2014), 200-208

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