FujiFilm X-M1: A #MyBigWish Story

This is a story about camera, and perhaps about my luck too; and it is a happy story.

Photography has long been my interest, and perhaps my hobby too. I’ve been practicing it a little and reading a lot about it. The following words probably sound weird for people on average: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, exposure. But for me, they don’t. It’s just because I am curious, and I read.

But now, everything’s gonna change. Reading a lot about those creepy words is not the only way for me to deal with them. I can now play with it, instead of just reading it. Why? Listen! World, here is my brand new Fujifilm X-M1

fujifilm-xm1-blackIt was 17 Dec 2015 when I was announced as one of lucky buyers of BliBli.com who would be awarded the third prize of their #MyBigWish event. Frankly speaking, the grand prize (a tour to Japan) did not quite interest me. But, the second prize really did: an Apple MacBook Pro. However, destiny brought something different for me: a mirrorless camera from FujiFilm. Alhamdulillah… praise be to Allah. I immediately surfed what a mirrorless camera really is. Anyway, they promised to ship the camera on January 20, 2016

Finally, it came to my hand at the end of January. With too much excitement and a bit impatiently, I captured some objects around the house soon after having received and opened the package (without having play with any interesting features the camera is built with), and here they are (please click the photographs to see full size version)…

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Last, thanks to BliBlidotCom for this wonderful prize. It’s time to play and to read as well…

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Yori Yuliandra

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Yori Yuliandra
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2 thoughts on “FujiFilm X-M1: A #MyBigWish Story

  1. NinaFajriah says:

    Congrats for the new camera Mas Yori! and the macro shot looks great! you seems talented 😀

    1. Alhamdulillah… Thanks Uni Nina… Eh, bonadapa.com udah eksis ya *meluncur ke TKP

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